10 Jan, 2019

What is Branding ???

by Mascot Creation | 10 January, 2019 | Branding | 8 Comments

A) Branding containts brand identity, brand trust, brand, brand name, brand logo, brand awareness.
Let us know, about branding shortly:

1) Brand Identity : A brand identity is to indicate your brand that shows what brand does. And generally unique logo defines it.

2) Brand Awareness : Brand awareness is a key component in understanding the effectiveness both of a brand identity and of it's communication methods.

3) Brand Trust : A brand trust is depends on brand quality and brand performance. Brand trust impacts the behavior and performance of it's business stakeholders.

4) Brand Name : Brand is a name, term, symbol which defines brand.

5) Brand Logo : it's a symbolic representation of the business.

B) Their are several types of branding which are :
1) product branding
2) corporate branding
3) online branding
4) re-branding
5) global presence
6) brand advertising
7) outdoor advertising
8) digital marketing

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