30 Feb, 2019

What is Global Presence ???

by Mascot Creation | 30 February, 2019 | Global Presence

Building a global brand requires more than just launching a website that accessible from almost anywhere in the world.
1) Understand customer behavior
2) Position your business properly:
    That means you sale your product where there is need.
3) Brand Name:
    Build your brand name in universal laungauge that helps to easily recognize all kind of people and regions.
4) Think Broadly:
    Don't go with specific brand "k.k.chicken".
    When your brand completely established as "k.k.chicken" selling only chicken & now you want to add some     other market products in it.
    Then you must to change brand name like "".
5) Brand Color:
    Firstly, you must have to know which is the type of your brand.
    That means Feminine, Musculine & Kiddish.
    If your business is related to womens or girls then you must use feminine color's to your business     name/logo.
    If it's Musculine then you must have to use musculine colors and so on...
    So you must have to know how to catagarised color's for your business.

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